Maintaining Balance During Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding should be fun and romantic, but statistically, it’s rated seven in the top ten most stressful life events. So it’s no surprise that many couples find it hard to balance during their wedding planning.

As a wedding planner, I help couples plan their dream day and align the time they have with what is important to them. Finding balance during a stressful situation can be tough, but here are some tips to help you find balance when planning your dream day.

Remember WHY you are getting married

When the worries and the workload of planning get heavy, remember why you are getting married.

Of course, the stunning venue, delicious food, cute his and her’s drinks, and the perfect color scheme are important. But you are getting married because you love each other, and you want to spend the rest of your life together. Your wedding is your day to shot your love from the rooftops and celebrate with your loved ones. 

Make sure that feeling is at the center of everything you do.

Take Steps For Self Care

Couples often juggle more than planning a wedding. Stresses can come from keeping family happy, managing a budget, signing contracts, and making big decisions. While also often managing a big project at work, moving house and trying to find a balance between doing it all. 

In a time of stress and overwhelm, self-care and balance more important than ever.

For some, self-care can include spa trips, getting your nails done, or a massage. But daily, intentional action impacts your day, lifts you, and gives you the energy and focus on keeping going

Use small moments throughout the day to create space, feel better and more balanced. Try a breathing exercise or drink an extra glass of water when you are waiting for a meeting. Journal your thoughts on your commute. Sit in the sunshine for five minutes when you're between phone calls. 

These tiny actions add up and create balance in your day, give you energy, and allow you to pause your busy brain.

Do What Makes You Happy

Once we get busy, the first things to fall off the list are meeting up with friends, doing a hobby we love, and taking trips.

When it comes to balance, happiness is crucial. We often wait for it to fall into our laps, but life gets in the way. 

Instead, make plans to meet friends, pick up an old hobby, or get outside for some fresh air. Spending time doing things we love or with people we love is a great way to create balance during wedding planning.

Keep it Simple

Take steps to simplify your life and practice self-care during planning. That could be journaling each day with a cup of coffee before your morning starts. Simplifying your life could also include picking out your clothes the night before, setting a slightly earlier alarm, and getting up, dressed, and planning in the morning!

Another way to keep planning simple is to hire a planner. Interested in having Rachel Marie Events work with you to make your wedding planning process simple and easyClick here to get started.

Be Kind

Finally, be kind and patient to yourself and others around you. Allow yourself time to rest and recharge. By slowing down, you can focus on what matters most and decide on the best next step. And if there was ever a moment to be kind and take a pause, it’s now.

Your wedding is all about love and laughter and marrying your true love. Keep those feelings as your focus, and you’ll find balance in your planning.


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