My Favorite Bachelor Wedding- Arie & Lauren!

Let me start off by saying I did not watch the "Arie Season" all the way through, but I did watch the dramatic ending. Though, I question how it went down, you have to admit The Bachelor setting is a weird way to find love. In the end, everyone found their true love. So, here are the reasons I loved Arie and Lauren's Hawaiian Wedding.

1. Lauren's "getting ready" outfits were designed by my all time favorite designer, Hayley Paige. Hayley even attended the wedding.

2. Lauren's wedding dress was also designed by Hayley Paige. The details of this dress are beautiful, it really stood out with all the greenery on Maui. This dress is part of Paige's new collection.

3. Speaking of the venue, just look at it, it is so gorgeous. The forest greenery paired with the slate gray is a look for a classic contemporary bride.

4. Chris Harrison married Lauren and Arie. I don't know what could be better than that.

5. The love they share for each other was shown throughout their wedding day. After all, that is what a wedding is about, celebrating your love for each other with friends and family.

Who had your favorite bachelor or bachelorette wedding? What are you likes and dislikes about Arie and Lauren's wedding? If there is a topic you would like me to tackle in next weeks blog post, comment and let me know!



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