What Does Day-Of Really Mean?

If you ask any wedding professional, they will most likely recommend having at least a "Day-of Coordinator." Some venues or vendors that you pick may even require it. But what does a coordinator do and why is it so important?

Answer- The service is designed to help manage your last minute questions and concerns. A coordinator is there for the event day to help manage other vendors you may have hired. Also, to make sure your event vision is put into action.

Timeline- Most "Day-of Coordinators" start their services at least a month before your event. Even though their services might not start right away for you, make sure you book your coordinator ASAP to make sure you're on their calendar, and they're on yours. Coordinators will most likely offer full planning in their business. It is essential to respect the time they've committed to you based on the financial commitment you made to them. While your coordinator might not jump into the details of your wedding day until their services window opens, make sure to share vendor contact information with them to keep them up to speed on your team and your planning status. Seasoned wedding day coordinators will often reach out to the pros they already have relationships with and ask them to keep them in the loop on details you select. Filing away the menu selection, timing on photographs, and other information into a folder will help them down the road.

Family Relations- Keep your day-of coordinator informed on all the details and family relations, they will be on the lookout for all of the possible bumps in the road. A few examples are the relationship with your soon to be mother in law to your crazy uncle who tips a few too many back, to that one bridesmaid who might go MIA in the middle of the day.

The Fine Print- An experienced day-of coordinator will look for critical details like vendor start and end times to ensure you haven’t scheduled your photographer to leave before your first dance, and that you booked your DJ until the last dance. This being said, send your coordinator all of your wedding contracts for them to review before you sign anything.

Their Job- If you've hired the right person for your event, shared all the essentials details, now is the time to sit back, and let them do the job. Remember why you hired them in the first place - don't try to micromanage them. Focus on yourself, your new partner in life and enjoy your wedding day!

Wedding day coordination can free you up to be able to enjoy your wedding day. It's necessary, however, to understand and accept what it is you're asking. Do your research and be open and honest with your prospective planner. You'll have the day of your life, and they can be the hero you hired them to be!



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